Safety Hints

  • It is best to trek with others so that you can get help in case of an emergency.
  • Stand on the inside of the trail if an animal passes you so that you don’ t get forced off the path.
  • Use iodine tablets or other water purification methods to kill water borne bugs. It saves money as well as controls unnecessary pollution with plastic water bottles.
  • High altitute sickness can affect if elevation is gained too rapidly and with out proper acclimitization. You should be careful with the following symptoms listed down :-
  • If  someone develop the symptoms, stop ascending immeditely if symptom persist, the only proven cure is descend to lower elevation.
  • Drink sufficent water at least 3 leters per day.
  • Take a days rest after reaching 3500 meters and walk gently with lots of rest at high elevatin.
  • see the sign posts and arrows on the trails and follow them.
        Three golden rules to avoid dying from altitude illness
  • Learn the early symptoms of altitude illness and recognize when you have them. Remember, you may be the only person in a group with symptoms.
  • Never ascend to sleep at a new altitude with any symptoms of AMS.
  • Descend if your symptoms are getting worse while resting at the same altitude.