Letters of Recommendation

Trekkers from Toronto, Canada

The ultimate compliment for Shiva came from fellow trekkers we met along the way who remarked how lucky we were to have a guide so personable, knowledgeable and dedicated to us and our experience. We could not have agreed with them more.

We did a 12 day trek to Jomsom and Muktinath and having never trekked this length before, we were both novices. It is without a doubt, that had our guide been anyone other than Shiva, we would not have had nearly the rich, authentic and thoroughly enjoyable experience we did.

When trekking with Shiva we enjoyed:

  • honest, knowledgeable and sincere discussions regarding anything from Nepal's history and current politics, local religions and culture, to geography and natural landscape
  • a sensitivity and sensibility to allow a good balance between conversation and respecting an individual or couple’s need for privacy
  • over 10 years of trekking guide experience
  • a respect for an individual’s desired pace and physical condition
  • an intimate knowledge of the best accommodations, tea stops and places of interest along the way, according to our own individual budget
  • and most importantly, lots of laughter

We would highly recommend any potential trekker in Nepal to enlist the services of Shiva Thapa. It is without a doubt that you will be richly rewarded if you do so.

Kindest regards,

Paul Sawtell and Grace Mandarano (Toronto, Canada)

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Trekkers from Cambridge, England

During 2004/2005 we spent 12 months traveling over 18 countries and 5 continents and our time in Nepal must rate as one of the highlights. And this was in no small way due to the services provided by Shiva Thapa.

Owing to budget constraints we had initially thought of trekking in the Annapurna region without the services of a guide. However several factors including; language, lousy map-reading skills and Maoist guerilla activity led us to decide that a guide was after all going to be necessary. And as it turned out this was one of our better decisions.

Shiva not only guided us expertly over some pretty rugged terrain for 7 days but also acted as ‘liaison and education officer’ (there was an awful lot that we needed to learn), entertained us (good drumming skills and a fine voice), provided help and advice as well as medical assistance when needed. And it actually was needed on a couple of occasions. He also became our friend and in so many ways enriched our experiences of Nepal, memories of which we will always cherish.

Having Shiva as a guide is not just a matter of having someone show you the way but rather, a companion who provides meaning, insight and understanding of a beautiful but troubled country.

We can recommend Shiva highly enough.

John Beverley and Anne Rudge (Cambridge, England)

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Trekker from Chicago, IL USA

Dear Shiva,

Thank you again so much for the fantastic experience of the Annapurna Circuit trek in 2001. We had a great time trekking with you. You did a phenomenal job of organizing everything on the trip, from choosing where to spend each night and eat our meals, to helping us decide what to bring. And we did it all safely. Your leadership was exemplary, and I know that I probably wouldn’t even have been able to complete the trek had it not been for your motivation. My friends and I also learned so much about the Nepalese culture from you. We learned about Buddhism and Hinduism, the Nepalese language, as well as many of the local customs.

Truthfully, Shiva, we would not have had the experience that we did if it were not for you. I have traveled all over the world, and my trek through the Annapurna Circuit is my most memorable, and my favorite, experience. And I owe much of it to you.

I hope this letter finds you well, and I know that if I ever come back to Nepal, you are the only person that I will need to find in order to create another fantastic vacation. Also, if anyone ever wants information about you, please direct them to me. I will make sure they know what a great guide you were for me and my friends. Thanks again!

Joshua Liberman (Chicago, IL USA)

Another Happy Trekker

I did the Annapurna Circuit trek with Shiva and he is simply a wonderful guide. As well as being very knowledgeable about the local environment and culture, Shiva is simply a wonderful host who takes a proactive and conscientious approach to ensure that everything on the trek (food, accommodation, and transport to and from the trail head) goes as smoothly as possible! Shiva also takes a sensible and responsible approach to health, safety and security on the trek and shows sound judgment in all these matters. Something I noticed on the trek which I think is testimony to Shiva’s competence and affability is that other porters, guides and clients come to him for advice and help. Shiva makes not just a great guide but a good trekking companion as he has a great sense of humour and has heaps of energy which help you through the tougher days. I've done a lot of other treks with guides around the world and I can say that Shiva is the most trustworthy, competent and personable guide I've ever employed. If you need more about him please mail me.

Julie Mahoney, USA

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Trekker from Ireland

I met Shiva Thapa while on a charity fund-raising trek through Nepal in 2001. I found him instantly likeable, and his local knowledge and helpful nature were a bonus to us during our trek up to Poon Hill and on to Tatopani and Beni. It was educational and enormously enjoyable to spend time walking with Shiva throughout the trek, and he looked after us at every stop for refreshments, meals and so forth along the way.

I had absolutely no problem recommending him to a friend of mine who visited Nepal a couple of years later, and she similarly enjoyed her trip immensely, with Shiva looking after all her needs on her trek. This friendship persists, and we're still in touch. I would not hesitate to recommend Nepal as a destination, and should you go there your first choice as a guide should be Shiva.

Alan Cunnane

Trekker from America

I am writing to recommend Shiva Thapa as an excellent guide. I went on the "Royal Trek" with him in October, 2008, and he impressed me as a very pleasant, experienced, and dedicated professional who loves his work.

I have strong ideas about the kinds of experiences I am looking for while trekking. Shiva listened well, better than any other guide I have hired, so he developed a great sense of what I wanted to see and do. He was always thinking about finding those kinds of experiences for me, so it was a wonderful, personalized trek. Shiva's interactions and involvement with local people along the way helped bring me closer to them, and have a lot of fun, too. He was also great about translating interesting little exchanges that he had with people, and adding in cultural context and insight when appropriate.

Shiva is a thinker, his knowledge of the culture is deep, and his English skills are strong, so conversations with were very interesting and a big part of the experience. This and his fun and positive attitude make him great company, but he also knows when to allow space and quiet. He also has great integrity, so a single woman will have no worries with Shiva as her guide.

The pacing was just right for my needs, and Shiva always was vigilant about health and safety. In my trek this primarily meant being very careful to be sure that food preparation and sanitation standards were appropriate in an area not all that used to Western tourists. This particular route was an easy one, but Shiva has many years of experience and very good training so I would not hesitate to recommend him for a trek of any length or difficulty level.

Jo Foster, USA , Currently living in UAE

Trekkers from Netherlands

October, 2005, we (3 elderly ladies 69, 60, 57 years old) came to Nepal to walk the Annapurna circuit. Two of us had made treks before in Nepal, but without a guide and porters.

This time we decided to walk with a guide and porters and it really was a fantastic trip! The guide, Shiva Thapa, speaking fluently English, made the country become much more alive by his knowledge of the background of the culture, fauna, and flora of the Himalaya's. On the way to Manang there was suddenly a heavily snowfall, so we had to return. We were very glad to have Shiva with us to lead us safely through the places where avalanches were coming down and to know where the trail is in heavy snow!

Due to this fantastic experience we decided to ask him to guide us again for another trek in spring 2007 to the Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang, Gosaikunda and Helambu. Again we had a wonderful time and the same great experience as the other trek with him. He also became a very good friend of us.

He really is a very, very responsible guide and takes care of everything you need or is important for you. Besides that he is a very modest and lovely person!

He also is a very experienced guide: he guided more than 150 treks in the last 12 years! Both trips made such an impression to all of us; thanks to the expertise of Shiva. We warmly recommend him for being your guide! He simply is great!

Martha Bisselink-Bakker
Miek Dornseiffen -Heemstede,The Netherlands

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Trekker from Germany

I met Shiva B. Thapa while Annapurna Base Camp Trek through Nepal in March 2008. Initially I was thinking to go alone for this trip but it was worth decision to take guide for the trek. I found him instantly likeable, and his wide range of local and international knowledge, culture, religion, flora- fauna, people, politics, and helpful nature were a bonus to us during my trek up to ABC and on to Poonhill and Ghandruk It was educational and enormously enjoyable to spend time walking with Shiva throughout the trek, and he looked after me at every stop for refreshments, meals and so forth along the way. He showed how Nepali people live and their daily life. Shiva makes my trip unforgettable and life time. This was the reason to do another trek in Alps of Italy at Dolomite during his visit in Europe August 2008. We did one and half week of trekking and mountain biking in Italy the area of Dolomite and Lago di Garda.

Shiva is more than 12 years of experienced trekking Guide and lives in beautiful city of Pokhara, Gate way of Annapurana with his family. He is Independent trekking guide who works from Pokhara and leads the treks through out the country.

I would highly recommend any potential trekker in Nepal to enlist the services of Shiva Thapa. It is without a doubt that you will be richly rewarded if you do so.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nepal as a destination, and should you go there your first choice as a guide should be Shiva.

Gerold Stoerck

Two more happy hikers!

Our trekking with Shiva was more than an amazing experience and Shiva is more than a wonderful guide. He will help you choose the best trek for you, by taking into account your interests as well as your physical condition. He will show you all the hidden beauties which characterize Nepal and its mountains. Consequently, at the end of your trek, you will recognize all the plants, trees and animals and will have incredible experiences to tell your friends.

Thanks to Shiva, we have been able to experience few evenings among native Nepalese people with whom we have shared a glass of the local alcohol and food.

We recommend you to get Shiva's help if you are planning to trek in Nepal, as he is the best!

Have fun,
David and Simona

More hikers from Canada

July 2009 brought us one of the greatest adventures of our lives – "Trekking with Shiva"! Our small family – myself, my wife, and our 22-year-old son – joined Shiva, and our two porters Raj and Indra, for a 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp. From the moment we met him in Kathmandu, Shiva took the most excellent care of us, starting with taking us to trekking shops in search of necessities for our upcoming trek. During the trek itself Shiva's concern for our safety and well-being was evident throughout, from constantly reminding us to keep well hydrated, to monitoring our progress and pace as we trekked -- he challenged us to a more energetic pace without making us feel like we were lagging behind. He monitored our physical well-being on a daily basis and ensured that we maintained a proper diet for our trek. In an urgent situation (which we encountered a couple of times) Shiva is able to make quick decisions in which we felt secure.

Shiva was always ready with a story, with topical information on the area through which we were passing, or with answers to any and all of our varied questions about Everest, the Himalaya, Nepal and its people and customs. He is also eager to learn, as we found through a new-found mutual interest in mountain flora (something you don’t come across in winter-time treks).

Trekking Everest is an experience which we can highly recommend, and "Trekking with Shiva" is the ultimate way in which to experience this adventure.

Douglas, Rita and Adriel Clayton – Toronto, Canada

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Trekking Group at Lantang Mountain Range

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Solo Trekking Adventure

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Shiva Playing the Ukulele

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Tukasi Playing the Ukulele


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Douglas, Rita, Adriel at Everest BC