Mera Peak

 6476m/21246 ft. - 17 days
Mera Peak is the highest of the trekking peaks in Nepal. When this is combined with the fact that it offers  unparalleled views and stunning panoramas it makes this trekking peak one of the most sought after mountaineering trips in Nepal. Mera Peak is never particularly technically difficult, but there is the altitude to contend with which makes this an exciting and challenging trip. This peak climbing is getting more and more popular each year due to the extraordinary mountain scenery it offers and also because if you are fit and have true enthusiasm for adventure , previous mountaineering experience is not required .

Situated at the edge of the Khumbu region, south-east of Everest, the approach trek for Mera peak climbing is through the extremely beautiful Hinku valley. The unspoiled and uninhabited Hinku valley below the Mera peak is one of the wildest and most beautiful in Nepal with its massive moraines, glacial lakes and stunning mountain views.
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