Maklu Expedition

Makalu, the fifth highest peak in the world is situated in the heart of the eastern Himalayas albeit being located just 14 miles east of Mount Everest it is somewhat isolated. It is a massive mountain, a prominence of 2386m and taking in to account surrounding deep valleys, Arun valley in particular bottoming at 435 m ASL; the climb of Makalu including the approach requires an ascent of over 8000m. With seven valleys radiating from mount Makalu and its almost symmetrical four ridges it presents an incredible symmetrical elegance.

The valleys, in particularly the Barun valley, are the home of pristine forests and alpine meadows of Nepal. Within this wide range of altitudes and climates, the Makalu-Barun area contains some of the richest and most diverse flora and fauna of Nepal. Diverse ethnic communities of Rai, Sherpa, and Shingsawa (Bhotia) have inhibit the lower parts of these valleys.
Due to isolation these communities are economically poor however they represent rich cultural heritage untouched by technology and world cultural influences. They are the custodians of Makalu-Barun unique biological and cultural treasures. Due to its relative inaccessibility, the area is little known to majority of the visitors, however, those who have visited, return home with unforgettable memories of the area and its people.

Itinerary Details of Makalu Expedition

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Hotel transfer

Day 02: Preparation, Briefings, Last minute shopping and formalities

Day 03: We take flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar(920m) and then trek for 5hrs to Mane Bhanjyang(1100m)

Day 04: Trek 5hrs from Mane Bhanjyang to Kuwapani(1420m); camping

Day 05: Trek 6hrs from Kuwapani to Num (1800m); camping

Day 06: Trek 5hrs from Num to Sheduwa (1510m); camping

Day 07: Trek 6hrs from Sheduwa to Tashigaon (2070m); camping

Day 08: Trek 6hrs from Tashigaon to Kauma (3760m); camping

Day 09: Trek 5hrs from Kauma to Mumbuk (3550m); camping

Day 10: Trek 4hrs from Mumbuk to Yangri Kharka (3600m); camping

Day 11: Trek 6hrs from Yangri Kharka to Sherson(4800m) ; camping

Day 12: Trek 6hrs from Sherson to Makalu Base Camp (4870m) ; camping

Day 13-42: Climbing period; summit Makalu (8463m)

Day 43: Preparation to return to Kathmandu; Clean Base Camp

Day 44: Trek 5hrs from Base Camp to Yangri Kharka(3600m) ; camping

Day 45: Trek 5hrs from Yangri Kharka to Mumbuk(3550m); camping

Day 46: Trek 5hrs from Mumbuk to Tashigaon(3420m); camping

Day 47: Trek 5hrs from Tashigaon to Num(1800m); camping

Day 48: Trek 5hrs from Num to Chichira(1615m); camping

Day 49: Trek 4hrs from Chichira to Tumlingtar (920m); camping

Day 50: We take early morning flighty from Tumlingtar to Kathmandu; hotel accommodation

Day 51: Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley (Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath, Boudhanath & Pashupatinath); leisure and shopping. Farewell and celebration dinner in the evening.

Day 52: Transfer to the airport for final departure or alternatively join other activities

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