Is Nepal Safe?

As we know, there are different political problems and conflicts everywhere around the world. Nepal has also been suffering from violent activities for the past 12 years.
In April 2006, however, the situation changed completely. After weeks of peaceful demonstrations all over the country against the absolute power of the king, a new parliament was installed and the army came under its supervision.
The Maoists announced a ceasefire and joined peace talks with the political parties which now became the biggest party .
In March 2008, Constituent Assembly Elections  held throughout the whole country. Monarchy remains only on the history on Nepal and king became a civilian. Nepal become republic country.
Since than four different government chnaged, currently 4th one runnung a cooliation govenment led my maoist - Prime Minister - Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
Head of Nation  President- Dr. Ram Baran Yadav ( First President of Nepal)
We are hoping to get the new constitution by May 27th 2012, Sortly after this will be election again.
Guests are honored as God in our tradition. Even at the height of Nepal’s political conflict, everybody in our country followed this tradition and tourists were not affected. 
  • Now it is completly differnt - 100% safe to tavel

  • Welcome to safe Nepal! Feel completely free to make plans to visit us and to make your valued contribution to our tourism industry.
     नमस्ते - Namaste